Discover Belgium

Discover some of the gems of Belgium together with the People of Tomorrow.

Your Tomorrowland experience already starts on Monday 15/07, in your hotel in Brussels. Global Journey takes you on 4 magical trips to the most beautiful cities of Belgium. On Thursday the People of Tomorrow unite at the exclusive Belgian Journey.

Be part of the Discover Belgium experience and let yourself be surprised by the beauty and variety of the home country of Tomorrowland.


Discover Belgium Package includes:

  • Arrival on Monday 15/07

  • 8 days/7 nights

  • Visits to 4 cities in Belgium

  • Discover Belgium Welcome Gift

  • Discover Belgium Host

  • Transfers to every city

  • Surprise activities in every city

  • Daily snack

  • Full Madness (Comfort) Pass (Weekend 1)

  • Tomorrowland Today (newspaper) on each festival day

  • Tomorrowland Souvenir Bag

  • Daily transfers to Tomorrowland and back

  • This Package can only be purchased in Weekend 1. 

Please note: The Discover Belgium experience starts and ends in the accommodation of your choice. This means you need to book your own transport to and from your accommodation back home.


You will visit 4 Belgian cities:

  • Antwerp

  • Bruges

  • Brussels

  • Ghent




For your accommodation you can choose between:

  • Hostels

  • Bronze, Silver or Gold Hotel

  • Tomorrowland Theme Hotel

  • Concept Hotels 

  • A combination of a hotel with DreamVille



Payment info

More info about payment options, including payment plans, can be found here. ​