Bus Packages

Global Journey wants to give you a unique experience by taking you on an unforgettable journey that creates memories that last forever. Travel together with the People of Tomorrow by bus from one of the departing cities where a dedicated Global Journey host welcomes you and guides you to the gates of Tomorrowland.

You can create your own Bus Package according to your own needs and preferences.


Bus Packages include

  • Return bus journey to DreamVille

  • DreamVille accommodation

  • Tomorrowland Ticket - Full Madness (Comfort) Pass 

  • Tomorrowland Today (newspaper) on each festival day

  • Tomorrowland Souvenir Bag

  • Access to The Gathering at DreamVille


Departures cities

Global Journey offers you buses from 12 departure cities in 4 countries. 
More information about your bus departure can be found here

  • France

    • Paris

    • Lille

    • Reims

    • Metz

  • Netherlands

    • Eindhoven

    • Maastricht

    • Amsterdam

  • Germany

    • Bonn

    • Düsseldorf

    • Aachen

  • Luxembourg

    • Luxembourg

  • United Kingdom

    • London

  • Denmark

    • Copenhagen


Bus Packages are only in combination with DreamVille.


Payment info

More info about payment options, including payment plans, can be found here. ​