Belgian Journey

When you book a Global Journey Package with arrival on Wednesday (or sooner), Global Journey surprises you with an exclusive Belgian Journey on Thursday. Discover the beauty of a Belgian city and participate in the activities together with the People of Tomorrow.

Belgium is a paradise for food lovers, with the most Michelin star-rated restaurants in Europe. However, experiencing a delicious and original meal does not require a Michelin-star restaurant. From street food like Belgian waffles with a topping of your choice to traditional dishes like Moules Frites and ofcourse Belgian chocolate: simply divine and more exquisitely varied than anywhere else on the planet.

Belgium is also world-famous for its beers. With over 1.500 different varieties, beer is more than a beverage in Belgium: it is a culture. Many Belgian beers even have personalized beer glasses with shapes designed to enhance the flavour of the specific beer.

The Belgian Journey is only included in:

This event is not cashless. The Pearls on your Tomorrowland Bracelet cannot be used for food and drinks.