Symphony of Unity

The Symphony of Unity pays homage to one of Tomorrowland’s and music’s greatest values: Unity. It transcends genres and artistic frontiers, bridging both cultures and histories, from the majesty of a classical orchestra to the youth of electronic music.

Once again the Symphony of Unity will return for a unique closing evening on Monday July 22 and Monday July 29. This year, the charming Vaudeville Theater, in the heart of Brussels, will be the decor for the philharmonic orchestra. A limited amount of tickets will be available at a later stage to be part of this special show combining classical acoustic and electronic music.

If you have a 20 Years Celebration Package, you had the chance to claim your free ticket for this event on Monday July 29, 2024. Claiming a free ticket for this event was possible until June 12, 23:59 CEST.

If you have a Global Journey Package, you had exclusive access to the Pre-Sale of this event. The Pre-Sale ended on June 12, 23:59 CEST.