DreamVille Lockers

Do you want to store your valuable belongings & clothing at DreamVille, without having to worry about loss? Rent a locker and enjoy DreamVille & Tomorrowland. The lockers are always accessible for the people who rent them. 

Lockers are limited; buy your voucher in advance!

Please choose your locker carefully. Each DreamVille type has its own locker area. 

Measurements (depth x width x height):


20 x 30 x 45cm


32 x 30 x 45cm


40 x 30 x 50cm

Extra Large

36 x 60 x 50cm


  • Cabana, Kokono, Relax Room, Astera, Marivela and Ensuite are lockable accomodations, you do not need to purchase a locker. 

  • DreamLodge accomodations will have a small locker inside. 

  • Spectacular Easy Tent visitors will receive a complimentary locker voucher upon arrival (at the Welcome Desk).

All prices include a refundable deposit of €5, which will be refunded when returning the key. 

The lockers at DreamVille are offered by Lockerbox. Therefore, the general rules and conditions of Lockerbox apply.